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Parker “51” Vacumatic Filler “First Year” The Parker “51” commonly referred to as a “First Year” pen is really a pen from late through They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics. All pens of this period are double jewels, meaning that they have a decorative “jewel” at the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel. The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line. They may or may not have a “1” datecode after the imprint. Some collectors speculate that the ones without a datecode are really pre-production models from Another explanation may be that they were never dated or that the datecode wore off on most instances the datecode is lightly imprinted to begin with. It should be noted that some examples have been found with the imprint up by the clutch ring, with a datecode of “1”.

Miscellaneous Parkers

Parker should be a familiar name to anyone who pays attention to pens; their Jotter ballpoints are everywhere, and they have a pretty good reputation in the higher end as well. They were and still are one of the great fountain pen companies, and the arrow clip design should be instantly recognizable to anyone who pays attention to fine pens.

Parker was founded by George Stafford Parker in Early Parker pens had the unique patented “Lucky Curve” feed, which was an elongated conventional feed that curved back to touch the barrel wall. Supposedly this helps draw ink back into the pen when it wasn’t in use.

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Duofold Era and Related Nibs. Parker Duofold, Lady, factory. Parker Lucky Curve, Jr. Parker Lucky Curve, Lady size, same size. English Parker Nibs.

Vintage miscellaneous Parker fountain pen models are offered here by PENTOOLING. was experimenting with the easiy removable nib that looks a lot like a 45 nib/feed unit. This version has no breather hole in the nib and no date code.

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Parker 45 Pens

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The ‘UK Availability’ dating information is taken from Parker UK catalogues and price lists. Ice Blue, Sonnet Special Edition, 18k rhodium plated gold, ,

In the Duofold was changed again when the metallic button on the filler was transformed into an aluminium rod, rather than a button as such. This new pen was called The AF Duofold , aluminium filler. With this pen the tassie ring was also discontinued and the blind cap became rounded, like on later Vacumatics. Parker began offering matching pencils aswell. The colour scheme was also simplified. The blue ones are the most hard to find today.

Another similar line was also produced in France during this time, Parker La Plume. The Senior , was also introduced in The Duofold line was changed again in when a version of the aerometric filling system from the Parker 51 was fitted.

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Parker 21, Parker 45 & Esterbrook Fountain Pens; If you have been harder to find vintage pens dating back to the turn of the last century.

I bought this pen last Saturday from a fellow collector for a very good price of P This was the first writing sample I took of it. It was a very dry writer, and I actually only bought it as a partner to my Parker 45 ballpoint pen. I thought I was going to just add it to my collection, tuck it away and never get to use again. However, a little bit of cleaning and tuning did finally increase the ink flow to a very good level. Writing sample posted at the end of the entry.

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The Parker 45 is notoriously difficult to accurately date due to the lack of date markings before and the sheer numbers that were made over the years. In Parker invested in new molding technology which made it easier to produce the plastic parts. As a result the Parker 45 Arrow with its plastic cap and barrel started production. As a result certain pen clip screws including the Parker 75 and 45 were redesigned to facilitate these stickers.

The Parker 45 is notoriously difficult to accurately date due to the lack of date markings before and the sheer numbers that were made over the years.

Return to Parker. This pen is almost not a Parker at all. This is an odd statement, considering that it was made by the company for very nearly fifty uninterrupted years, but it was in fact derived from something lying on the drawing boards at Eversharp when that company was absorbed by Parker in The 45, coming out seven years after Waterman offered the first reliable cartridge pen , was not entirely ground-breaking. It was, however, a rather attractive design, not much removed from the silhouettes of the low-profile cars of the early s, and a combination of attractive and low-priced was hard to beat in the area of sales.

Given what some people like me would consider a lack of filler and the strangely tiny point, the 45 was initially viewed by Parker as a value line and priced accordingly. The name of the pen, though, was a direct announcement of its cartridge-bearing nature, being an admitted reference to the famed Colt. When it became clear that the 45 was extremely popular, a number of different variations developed.

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Has original chalk mark and a Fine nib and includes a piston filling unit. Looks a lot like a Parker Arrow with an Eversharp clip. All cleaned-up and working great. These are still high quality, good writing pens made by the most successful pen company ever.

Are refills available for all Parker Ballpoint & Gel Pens? Information about refills can be found on our Inks & Refills page. To purchase refills, please visit the.

Click for a larger version of this picture. Medium nib, Squeezebox fill system. These costs will be added to your invoice at checkout. Please select UK, Europe or World delivery to ensure you pay the right amount. It was named after the famous Western pistol and was the first pen Parker issued which would take an ink cartridge.

It subsequently became available in the U. The line was phased out in Whilst it will take Parker ink cartridges, this particular example also comes with the Parker squeezebox fill system fitted. The nib is made of steel and has a firm medium point. It is a long slim and very stylish pen measuring mm with cap on and mm with cap on barrel end.

Parker Sonnet Catalogue

But by the Parker “75” was closing in on its twentieth year, and it’s high end cousin, the Parker Premier that shared many finishes with the Parker “75” was soon to turn ten. Other high end pens, like the Classic, had been around since even though it was slightly redesigned as the Parker “95”. Parker decided that it was time to retire the old work horses and launch a new top line fountain pen.

During the ‘s Parker had relied heavily on the Jotter for the low end ball pen market and the Classic for the high end ball pen and roller ball pen market. As a result of this The Insignia was introduced in

PARKER 45 FLIGHTER Fountain Pen BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL – chrome that I can see on this really lovely RED RIPPLE pencil dating from the s.

Upcoming Past Aftersale. Price unavailable. Dished stepped tassie and shiny chrome barrel point. Black shiny plastic grip section. Stainless steel nib “M” medium tip marked on the feeder ring – see picture. Uses cartridges or converter original Parker USA steel Uses cartridges or converter original Parker USA steel converter and unused black ink cartridge supplied, as shown.

Parker Pen Company

Date codes 2. Nib codes 3. Hallmarks and other markings 4.

Little disclaimer before I start: technically, the Parker 45 is a “vintage pen”. I mean yeah, it Is there a way to know the date or version of a Parker 45? This is the.

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