Japanese pop star wins the right to have a boyfriend in landmark court ruling

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Diagnoses on the theme of [akb48]. Shows diagnoses taken by the most people we currently highlight popular diagnoses. Popular Latest Favorite. Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be Aki-P? Well now you can!! The members you should keep an eye out for!

An idol (アイドル, aidoru) is a type of entertainer manufactured and marketed for image, Magazines were the best source for information and many idols had an To celebrate the diversity of idols, AKB48, Shoko Nakagawa, and Leah Dizon stating that the dating ban was necessary for idols to “win the support of male.

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Nogizaka46 has sold 2 million with “Influencer” and “Nigemizu”. Mayu fakes a dive but flips off Kagetsu instead, Kagetsu tries to get back in the ring but Mayu kicks her back out. The ring was disinfected between matches. Kageyama Yuka regresa a Keyakizaka46 luego de su hiatus ausencia por estudio en la U!

Members are not allowed to date, and must be well-behaved; any violation of these On January 22 (the final day of its “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best

Log in or Sign up. Stage48 Autumn Shuffle – Staffing Changes. Joined: Jul 2, Re: The No Dating Rule and its effects on the modern idol wo. Yuki88 , Dec 31, Re: The No Dating Rule and its effects on the modern idol wo Apologies if people have been making this point before but I’d like to put in my 2 cents. I understand why the rule is there and agree that idols have such a difficult work life and cannot hope to juggle school, work and a relationship at the same time.

The rule is there to protect them first and foremost. However what I do disagree with, is the complete lack of empathy demonstrated by fans when a girl is found out to have broken the rule. I say this as a fan of Mina Oba, but the fan reaction to her scandal really infuriated me. You have to bear in mind that, most of these girls sign contracts with their agencies when they are young.

Cute culture: Japan’s biggest girl band is setting up sister groups in India

Congrats on your graduation, Captain! Smartphone cover with storage pouch that is safe even in the case of sudden Nogizaka46 2nd Generation Member. Keyakizaka46, which has 22 female members, was formed in August as the sister group to fellow girl idol group Nogizaka The audition was announced alongside the departures of Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin during the Hello! What nogizaka46 gen suits you the best? Her first selection for Nogizaka46’s main performance group came in August , when she was selected for Nogizaka46’s 18th single “Nigemizu”.

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Not registered? Create an account. Username or Email Password Remember me Forgotten password. Read Comments 9 Author [Airi. Post an entry. I got carried away. Just read it. Also, for the record, I am completely opposed to the"no dating” rule for idols. Probably didn’t seem that way in the blog though. We all heard about it. Even among us fans, it caused controversy.

[akb48] diagnoses on that theme

Pop Perfect Favorites. Ever wanted perfect feel what it’s like to be Aki-P? Well now you can!! The members you should keep an eye out for! As of March. Members included:.

I’m looking for you! I am a 29 years old romantic woman from California. I have green eyes and dark brown hair, my body is about average, and I live alone.

An idol group such as AKB48 is designed for members to be easily replaced. Fans might become attached to a specific member and follow them on their musical journey. All adventures have ends, though, and the institution goes on. No idol ends up bigger than the group itself. The year-old has been the face of the group for years, even during stretches where she engaged in other entertainment activities while AKB tried to promote new faces.

Yet few newcomers connected the same way. She also spoke up about issues plaguing idols, throwing jabs back at an industry urging compliance from performers. She rose well above AKB48, and her departure came at a moment when that project found itself at a crossroads. It will be moving forward without the one woman who could connect it to the masses, as she sets off to bigger things in the entertainment landscape.

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules

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The year-old made the video, posted on the group AKB48’s website, after teams, forbids its members from dating to project a clean image and signal their The singing and dancing aren’t always perfect, and the group’s.

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Nogizaka46 4th gen

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. Pictures of Minami Minegishi in closely-cropped hair have been splashed across Japanese newspapers and triggered heated discussion on Twitter and television talk shows.

One of AKB48’s original members Minami Minegishi was caught with a In Japan, most young idols are meant to be the perfect picture of youth and innocent​.

Ostensibly this is to keep them focused on improving their musical and dancing performances, out of respect to their devoted fans, but you could also make a pretty convincing argument that the real reason is so said fans can more easily fantasize that maybe, just maybe, the idol is saving herself for a guy like them. Since Shinoda was 19 years old when she joined the group, leaving AKB48 provided her with her first opportunity to date as an adult , and perhaps she spent the next few years leisurely enjoying the single life of a highly eligible bachelorette.

The biggest surprise, though, is how short the courtship was, as her now-husband proposed to her on their first date. Shinoda and her husband met for the first time at a dinner with mutual friends last October , and had a second opportunity to see each other when common acquaintances held another gathering. Then in mid-November the pair went out to eat just with each other for the very first time, and before the date was over, he popped the question, and Shinoda said yes.

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Meet AKB48 – the girl band labelled too ’embarrassing’ for the Tokyo Olympics

I’m looking for you! I am a 29 years old romantic woman from California. I have green eyes and dark brown hair, my body is about average, and I live alone. I am not looking for a one night stand or a fling or anything like that. Let me introduce myself to you all good. Have a good day”.

Former AKB48 idol singer gets proposed to on first date, says yes, for the future and ideal visions of family life, finding that they had many.

Idols are primarily singers, but they are also trained in other roles, such as acting, dancing, and modeling. Unlike other celebrities, idols are commercialized through merchandise and endorsements by talent agencies , while maintaining an emotional connection with a passionate consumer fan base. Sub-categories of idols include gravure idols , junior idols , net idols , idol voice actors , and virtual idols.

An idol is a type of entertainer whose image is manufactured to cultivate a dedicated consumer fan following. Talent agencies commercialize idols by recruiting preteens and teenagers with little or no experience in the entertainment industry, and market them as aspiring stars. Unlike tarento , idols are marketed for their image, attractiveness, and personalities.

Japanese idol

A former member of Japanese mega-girl group AKB48 surprised fans this week after announcing that she just got married to a man who proposed right on their first date. Shinoda, who joined AKB48 at 19, is now In the seven years she spent with the group, she was forbidden to date — as the rest of the members — so she can focus on her idol career.

On Feb. Shinoda revealed that her husband is three years younger and owns a beauty salon, as well as other business ventures. Shinoda and her husband first met at a dinner with mutual friends in October

AKB48 is holding auditions in Delhi and Mumbai, and fans can’t keep calm about it. twee to angsty to rebellious, the Japanese counterpart is a perfect role model​. Some are even reportedly banned from dating, lest hookups.

How many of these weird Japanese fetishes did you know? Despite what I say about not stereotyping races, it is undeniable that there are some fetishes that are deemed quite uniquely Japanese. Although they may not be limited to something that only appeals to Japanese men, most of these have only really been given a specific name in Japanese. Also, these are merely fetishes that some people have, so please do not assume that all Japanese males crave the following aspects.

Note: We do not endorse the objectification of women or men, and we are only publishing this content to spread knowledge on Japanese trends. Although not everyone is quite as picky, there is an internet consensus of the golden ratio needed to qualify as a true absolute field. This is still a rather minor fetish compared to its naming parent, but it has gained enough of a following to receive a nickname nonetheless. The Ponytail Zettai Ryouiki refers to the small triangle of naked skin visible after a women ties her hair back, but leaves two strips of long hair remaining to fall down the side of her face.

Whilst in English, the duck face is an expression that anyone can make, by pressing their lips together to pout, the Japanese one is slightly different. Have you ever used the :3 emoji? Duck lips are a natural look in which you have a very pronounced philtrum or medical cleft. Basically the middle part of the lip Although you can somewhat fake this look by pushing your lips together, the actual natural occurence is what we are referring to here.

It seems to be a recurring theme here, but Japan has some really strange trends from time to time

Which Japanese Girl Would You Choose To Be Your Girlfriend?